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Are hiring managers asking the right questions?

I spent some time with a senior HR Director and ex-colleague recently and we discussed post-interview candidate feedback. I thought it might be helpful to summarise some of the things that we have both experienced as they may be important for hiring managers to consider:

Preparation - comprehensively study the candidate’s CV prior to the interview.  This is a chance not just to cover what is written down, but to probe areas of the candidates background that require more investigation. It’s also important to be able to compare each candidate fairly, therefore try to arrange all interviews within a short space of time.  This also helps to enable prompt candidate feedback as each will have invested considerable time; 

Diversity - beware of cloning! Although also a consideration before selecting candidates for interview, it may also affect the approach to the interview itself. It’s not unusual to encounter a department where the whole team looks, behaves and wears the same clothes as the boss. It’s good to have diversity-it drives creativity and an open perspective;

Courtesy - conducting a professional recruitment interview requires certain behaviours, one of which is courtesy. If the candidate is your chosen future team member it’s good practice to treat them with respect. And for those that aren’t they can still report favourably to others about your business; 

Sequencing - privacy is key to an effective interview so ensure you get a quiet room. Once in the room together it’s useful to follow the steps outlined in the mnemonic WASP. This stands for: Welcome, Acquire Information, Supply Information, Plan and Part;

Listen - a key aim in a recruitment interview is to remember that the interviewer should talk only 25% of the time. What you shouldn’t do is hog the conversation or interrupt the candidate, ask open questions and give the candidate a chance to demonstrate the skills you’re looking for.

There are many other things to consider of course and it remains essential to source the most appropriate candidates for interview. Please do drop us a line on the contact details below if you would like to talk through your recruitment needs and understand how we may be able to help.

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